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The Frederick Douglass Foundation 2020 Election Plan

We have just a few weeks before the most important election of our lifetime.

This election will determine whether America choose free markets over socialism, religious freedom over persecution, and life or death for the “inconvenient” baby in the womb.

So, our team at the Frederick Douglas Foundation (FDF) has been knocking on doors and doing all that we can to reach hundreds of thousands of voters, especially Black Americans, before election day.

And it’s been working as we’ve already educated and mobilized voters in key states across the nation and trained dozens of new Black Conservative leaders.

But, now, with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, the future makeup of the Supreme Court is at stake. The horrific 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that has been responsible for ending more than 60 million lives of children is close to being thrown on the ash heap of history.

So, we need your help.

Can you chip in just $25 to help us knock on 25 voter doors this month? Or even $50 or $100?

Every dollar you give will help us reach 1 family, 1 home about what’s really at stake this Election Day.

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