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Leader's Live Call.

Alice Marie Johnson

Alice Johnson joins the Frederick Douglass Foundation to discuss her life, experiences, and lessons learned.

About our Guest:

Alice Marie Johnson, CEO of Taking Action for Good Foundation (TAG), author,
advocate, and former federal inmate is a renowned leader, speaker, and luminary in
the criminal justice reform movement. 

Her story received world-wide attention when Kim Kardashian West advocated for
her release from a mandatory life sentence without parole. After over 21 years in
federal prison for her first and only conviction in a nonviolent drug case, President
Donald J. Trump granted her clemency on June 6, 2018 and more recently a full
pardon on August 28, 2020.

Since being granted clemency and a pardon, Alice has committed her life to helping
others and continuing to fight for criminal justice reform for the women and men
who are still incarcerated. In addition, she continues to partner with other advocacy
groups to increase her ability to make the biggest impact in the fight for criminal
justice reform.

She has since been honored as one of four women designated as a “Women’s Right
Defender” at the United Nations on International Women’s Day as well as a CAOC
Advocate for Justice Award in 2019. She was recently awarded The Dream Blazer
award by the US Dream Academy and a Community Advocacy award by the NACDL
Foundation for Criminal Justice. 

Alice has appeared on numerous media outlets advocating for criminal justice reform
and has been a featured speaker and panelist at various events and summits.
Alice has been deemed a “catalyst” for the successful passage of the First Step Act;
the most significant criminal justice legislation in recent history. 

She is a published author with her memoir, After Life: My Journey from
Incarceration to Freedom, and is a proud mother, grandmother, and great
grandmother living in Olive Branch, MS.

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